Not Just A Place To Stay,

A Place To Live.

Blue Knight Development, Inc. is a “Build to Rent” developer, creating new, beautiful, family forward homes, with larger spaces, sprawling yards in suburban areas. We do not develop apartments or townhomes, as we like to keep our suburban areas suburban and scenic.

Rental Properties

Developing properties from the ground up to provide brand new construction with high-end finishes and appliances to make you feel right at home. Larger floor plans with flex spaces and large yards give you the space to live and grow for years to come.

Lease To Own

Our Lease-to-Own program is open to all of our customers and goes well beyond traditional mortgages. We make home ownership a real possibility for everyone. After years of making it a home, why leave it behind?

Pet Friendly Loving

The industry’s first, refundable pet deposit. All of our properties are pet friendly, with fences and the expectation that you and your family (pets included) will be living there. We’ve got you, and your paws covered.